Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tattoos to Avoid By All Means Necessary

Oh, how addictive getting tatted up can be.

When people tell me they want a new tattoo but aren’t sure of what to get, I always want to yell at them in dismay not to get one. Not because I’m against body art, but because when people get that craving to feel the needle against their skin, they usually come out of the parlor with a marking they’ll regret. Something spur of the moment. We can all agree there’s no need for you to have a tattoo of your own name. And while most small, hidden tattoos that catch people by surprise can be sexy, these days, spontaneous (basically stupid) designs end up too big to hide and the person ends up having to explain their body of work everytime it meets someone’s eye. So if you want to try out a new tattoo, I beg of you, check out the following failures in tattoo trends and avoid them at all costs

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